Beginner Friendly Classes

We are Enso Movement and we want to share with you, our world of parkour, freerunning, and tricking. Come learn to jump, climb, or flip with a free trial class!

Youth Classes

Our program allows children to safely learn and explore movement that help build healthy confidence, concentration, and self-control. We are committed to providing a positive atmosphere that encourages our kids to succeed in class, at home, and in school.

Teens and Adult Classes

Our Teen / Adult programs explore areas of strength, endurance, and conditioning through the skills and techniques of movement disciplines. Classes relieve stress, regain strength and flexibility, and rediscover the benefits of regular exercise.


Open Gym

Open gym is the perfect time to practice and review your favorite skills learned in class. Get your time in the gym to practice!

Private Lessons

Looking to take your skill to the next level? Our coaches private instruction for those looking to improve their tumbling, freerunning, tricking, parkour, or personal fitness.

Day Camps

Does your child love running, jumping, flipping, or climbing? This is the PERFECT camp for them to learn and focus on physical skills that help improve their fitness, leadership skills, teamwork, and problem solving skills.

Workplace Workshops

Support wellness in the office by offering fitness-orientated activities. Our Parkour Bootcamp is the solution in helping you encourage employees to live active and fit lifestyles.

"Awesome coaches with a wide range of experience. If anyone is looking to strengthen their core or improve their movement, this is the place to do it!"
- Aaron C.

"Such a cool and unique place for kids AND adults to get fit. The coaches were all friendly and supportive, and I was impressed that they taught techniques right away from the first class. We can't wait to go back and play some more!"
- Erin K.

"My kids love this place. They get great exercise plus good instruction. The teachers are great and really challenge my kids. On open gym days my kids just go and go. Terrific for their confidence and coordination"
- Robert R.

"It's not JUST about the parkour though. The teachers are focused and helpful and are a lot of fun to learn from. The entire community is great. I never thought about doing parkour before this experience, but now it's my favorite hobby. I'm very glad I decided to look into it!"
- Cooper A.

"Impressed with the skills & genuine characters of these great instructors! My son is thrilled to be a part of the ENSO Movement!"
- Minda S.

Try a Free Trial Class!

Interested in overcoming obstacles? Our certified, safe, experienced, and creative coaches help you seek control, balance, and strength. We are Enso Movement and we want to share with you, our world of parkour, freerunning, and tricking.

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Level Testing from September 17th - 23rd | No Free Trials During This PeriodClick Here for More Info on Testing