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Welcome to Enso Movement, a community-oriented gym rooted in learning and teaching parkour, freerunning, and tricking. First and foremost, we are practitioners engaged in our personal disciplines to better ourselves as athletes. We are coaches – certified, safe, experienced, and creative that enjoying sharing with others. The enso symbolizes strength and aesthetic. The enso denies perfection although seeking control, balance, and regularity. We are Enso Movement and we want to share with you, our world of parkour, freerunning, and tricking.

Parkour and Freerunning

L’art du deplacement gave rise to parkour and freerunning, two cousin disciplines. ALL beginners start through our fundamental Parkour and Freerunning Level 1 class before deciding for themselves, what they would like to focus their practice on, or athletes can practice both! Many coaches offer one class that embodies both complementary parts, however here at Enso Movement, we have split the focus amongst two separate classes. Students that prefer practicing for obstacle coursing via efficiency, strength, and speed take parkour. Students that prefer practicing for aesthetics via creativity and expression take freerunning.


Formed through martial arts, tricking is the aesthetic practice of combining martial art kicks with gymnastics flips and tumbling along with moves from breakdancing. New students interested in tricking begin class in Tricking Levels 1 – 3.

What are your goals? How do you want to move?

Reading the information above, possibly watching the videos, what interests you the most? If you’d like to learn a few tricks in open space, our Beginner Tricking Class (Level 1 – 3) is just for you. A tricking class may have you practice your ability to combine a few kicks with rotations. If you’d like to learn how to use obstacles, check out our Parkour and Freerunning Class (Level 1). A parkour and freerunning class may have you practice your ability to run, jump, and climb. Sign up for a free trial below.

Class Offerings and Information

Classes for New Students

The following on-going classes are open to ALL NEW students and current members. No experience is required! Drop-ins are welcomed.

Intro to Parkour and Freerunning (Level 1)
Interested navigating around, over, under, and through obstacles? This Level 1 class suits you as we learn the fundamentals of landing, rolling, crawling, vaulting, and balancing. This on-going beginner class welcomes new students!

Beginner Tricking (Level 1 – 3)
Learn the foundations of martial arts tricking as we cover the basics of kicking, rotating, twisting, and more! We offer technical instruction to help blend your skills into beautiful movement combinations through open space.This on-going beginner class welcomes new students!

Handstands and Acrobatics
Join us as we explore the fundamentals to achieving handstands as a skill. We will work on the necessary flexibility and drills for creating a solid line. This class is great for those searching for technical instruction and assistance to mastering handstands.

A gymnastic discipline utilizing trampolining and acrobatic skills for the spring floor. We will strictly work on progressions for cartwheels, back handsprings, backtucks, whips, fulls, and doubles. Our focus is the power, skillsets, flexibility, and combinations of the art in tumbling. This class is a great supplement to your cheerleading, gymnastics, power tumbling, tricking, and freerunning.

Parkour Strength
Condition your body for the necessary strength to take your athleticism to the next level. We cover a variety of exercises. Great for any student looking to make gains outside of their technical classes. This class is free to all members.

Extend your range of motion through a series of deep stretches and breathwork. We cover the entire body with progression in mind. This class is free to all members.

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No Trial Registrations from November 26th – December 9th

Wristband System

Our wristband system is a series of ten levels to help mark level-ups in progression of technique, strength, flexibility, and mindset! With safety being our highest priority, wristbands help us to designate students to the appropriate classes after they've shown us their ability to progress safely, demonstrate particular techniques / skillsets, hold enough experience, and embody a safe and strong mindset. Leveling up allows for new opportunities and privileges in the Enso Movement gym. Wristbands are required for class.

Wristbands must be earned in sequential order. During testing, a series of strength, endurance, and technical skills must be passed at 100%. Each part of the test allows for three opportunities before striking out. Upon completion of a passed or failed test, a coach will provide insight, tips, and feedback for the student to continue with improvement.

Band tests are done four times a year, following at best, school calendars. Check with our front desk or calendar for the next available testing date.

December 3rd - 9th - LEVEL TESTING | No New Student Trials from Nov 26 through Dec 9th