Alan Tran

Co-Owner / Parkour Coach

Hey, I’m Alan, co-owner and one of the parkour coaches here at Enso Movement. I’m one of those rare Raleigh -born and -raised. I began my practice of parkour in late 2006 while running competitively for cross country / indoor / outdoor track at Sanderson High School. Early on, I organized North Carolina’s parkour and freerunning community through an online forum known as NCParkour. Since then, I’ve graduated from North Carolina State University and have earned my ADAPT 2 parkour certification.

I’ve been blessed to have traveled far and wide to help further my understanding of parkour as an athlete / coach. For the past four years, I’ve taught at the annual American Rendezvous alongside Parkour Generations Americas of Boston, MA. I have also helped to organize The Art of Retreat, a conference to help bring together parkour’s professionals, coaches, teachers, researchers, athletes, and more to share and exchange information on parkour education, research, and business. I continue to enjoy traveling every year throughout the US to share and take part in the parkour community that I can call family.