Reptuble Coaches

Our team of certified coaches have over twenty-five years of experience coaching movement altogether

Creative Thinkers

We are all students of movement that enjoy learning, practicing, and creating to share with others

Community Orientated

Enso Movement is rooted in facilitating a positive and safe atmosphere to learn parkour, freerunning, and tricking

We Are Athletes

We are all practitioners of movement engaged to better ourselves as athletes of our respective disciplines

Our enso and philosophy

The development of our logo, our meaning, was an intensive process. For us, it meant being involved as much as possible with every step. We wanted to represent our business in a way that was creative and meaningful as we began to lay down the foundations of Enso Movement. It had to be simple, clean, organic, and full. We had been planning for a long time to solidify our bonds, thoughts, and emotions together in a collective way. We started at the very beginning by seeking the tools necessary for the task at hand. After selecting a snag tree, it was taken down to create a fire in which blck embers and ash were collected. The embers were ground in to create this thick, dusty, black powder. The fine black dust was mixed with water to create our ink. From an earlier day, thick grass was banded together to form our brush.

In the end, we decided on a circular symbol, an enso that is practiced within the Japanese calligraphy system. It symbolizes strength, aesthetic, and enlightment. The enso is not separate, but plays a part in something greater. It is an expression of the moment. The composition itself denies perfection although seeking control, balance, and regularity. These are the values behind Enso Movement.

The Enso Movement Gym

The Enso Movement Gym is the premiere parkour and freerunning gym of the Greater Triangle. Our facility is designed to be an indoor training ground for athletes to safely learn movement and to challenge their strength and skill. Our qualified instructors coach the disciplines of parkour, freerunning, and tricking. We offer youth, teen, and adult classes, day camps, birthday parties, space rentals, open gym, private coaching, and more.

Our Team

Ben Webster

Ben Webster

Co-Owner / Head Freerunning Coach

Alan Tran

Alan Tran

Co-Owner / Parkour Coach

More of Our Team

More of Our Team

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August 25th, 2017 | Kids and Teens Challenge Night | More Information Here