All students must demonstrate a mastery of Freerunning Level 3 Curriculum via our Level 3 Test. The test is pass or fail. To pass, students must succeed in every component of the test. Each component allows for three attempts. Failure to succeed in a component immediately ends the test.


  • With back against the wall, perform a handstand for sixty seconds
  • 30 seconds of front, side, and back planks
  • Box jump onto a hip-height obstacle
  • Perform a body-length broad jump
  • Perform a cat hang for 30 seconds
  • Perform a L-sit for 10 seconds
  • Perform 10 burpees
  • Perform 10 pull-ups
  • Run for 5 minutes



  • Skill run – Using open space and one vault boxe, combine five separate skills
  • Quad jump run to roll (Standing > stride > stride > plyo > precision > roll)
  • Starting from one point, jump into a swing, half turn, and precision back
  • Drop precision from a hip-height obstacle
  • Catpass over a hip-height obstacle
  • Demonstrate a front and side tuck
  • Dive roll over a hip-height obstacle
  • Perform a standing back tuck
  • Perform a reverse vault
  • Perform a wall spin
December 3rd - 9th - LEVEL TESTING | No New Student Trials from Nov 26 through Dec 9th