Teen & Adult Parkour Level 2 Test Summary

All students must demonstrate a mastery of Parkour Level 2 Curriculum via our Level 2 Test. The test is pass or fail. To pass, students must succeed in every component of the test. Each component allows for three attempts. Failure to succeed in a component immediately ends the test.


  • Perform bodyweight lunges an additional 20% weight for 50 feet
  • Perform six cat hang taps on any vertical wall
  • Traverse in top support for 15 feet
  • Perform 10 push-ups
  • Perform a pull-up


  • Demonstrate a dash dismount, turn vault, and lazy vault of waist-height
  • Demonstrate kong, side monkey and crab quadrupedal movement
  • Review all 5 of Coach-Set “Breaking Jumps”
  • Be able to jump 75% body length
  • Balance across a ten foot rail
December 3rd - 9th - LEVEL TESTING | No New Student Trials from Nov 26 through Dec 9th