Parkour | 100 Push-Ups

Freerunning | 5mins total of Handstand

Tricking | Combo Tornado – Pop 360 – Front Sweep – Back Sweep – Butterfly Kick

“Always ask yourself, why are you training? And constantly reevaluate that.”

Chris ‘Blane’ Rowat in Yamakasi Founders &¬†Parkour Generations Q&A

Video of the Week

A favorite of Barrett and Alan’s. This clean edit shows a playful athlete with quite a diverse set of skills. Pete shows that with training, one can practice just about anywhere in the city! Parking lots, school campuses, staircases, and walkways are useful with a bit of creativity.

December 3rd - 9th - LEVEL TESTING | No New Student Trials from Nov 26 through Dec 9th