About Enso Movement

An enso is practiced within the Japanese calligraphy system. It symbolizes strength, aesthetic, and enlightment. The enso is not separate, but plays a part in something greater. It is an expression of the moment. The composition itself denies perfection although seeking control, balance, and regularity. These are the values behind the Enso Movement company. 

To connect North Carolina’s parkour community – from new practitioners to professional athletes – Enso Movement needed a local presence. Enso Movement represents the heart of athletes by bringing to life unique and exciting facilities through the lens of parkour.

At our facilities, you will find professional instruction of multiple disciplines – parkour, freerunning, tricking, handbalancing and more. We believe fitness and healthy lifestyles can be fun and exhilarating with the right tools. Our coaches facilitate just the right space for you to discover, play, and challenge your body.

About Our Coaches

Our coaches are experienced, safe, and certified in parkour training methodologies. Unique to Enso Movement, our array of coaches have certified through extensive parkour coaching programs such as ADAPT, APEX, and APK. Our staffs’ qualifications bring a diversity to perspectives, coaching practices, and risk management. We strive to ensure our students are challenged to their appropriate levels in class while prioritizing safety.


When providing performance and entertainment, our partnerships have been inspired by a deeper insight into and connection with their audiences. With our focus in sharing stories and personalities, Enso Movement can help achieve future objectives.