All students must demonstrate a mastery of Tricking Level 2 Curriculum via our Level 2 Test. The test is pass or fail. To pass, students must succeed in every component of the test. Each component allows for three attempts. Failure to succeed in a component immediately ends the test.


  • Perform 1 minute of continuous knee-height or lower front snap kicks
  • With back against the wall, hold a handstand for 30 seconds
  • Perform 20 hip-height box jumps onto an obstacle
  • Hold hollow and superman holds for 40 seconds
  • Perform 10 push-ups



  • Demonstrate a slant gainer with legs at horizontal or higher
  • Combo #1: Combo 5 separate tricks from the Level 1 test
  • Combo #2: Combo 3 separate tricks from the Level 2 test
  • Perform a round-off back handspring
  • Demonstrate the following:
    • Standing Master Swipe
    • Front Handspring
    • Backside 720
    • Illusion Twist
    • Sailor Moon
    • Star Kip-Up
    • Butterknife
    • Narabong
    • Feilong
    • Kip-Up

Level Testing from September 17th - 23rd | No Free Trials During This PeriodClick Here for More Info on Testing